Syrinix, the UK based award winning pipeline protection company, today announced that it has received CE certification for its TransientMinder solution.

The CE approval is a declaration that TransientMinder meets all the appropriate provisions of the European directives and can be supplied throughout the European market place.

Mike Bracher, Operations Director, said: “This is fantastic news for Syrinix and demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality, innovative systems to the utility market sector both nationally and internationally. The CE certification allows TransientMinder to move into full scale production for the European market in line with our ambitious expansion plans.”

Syrinix’s TransientMinder focusses upon the detection and identification of pressure transients within a network of pipes which enables clients to detect immediately and remedy the causes. TransientMinder also provides clients with the ability to understand the impact on pipelines of various operational activities, such as valve closures, which are often the cause of damaging transients.