Syrinix, the award winning UK based intelligent pipeline monitoring company, announced today the launch of their TransientMinder solution which helps to improve pipeline performance and durability.

TrnsientMinderSQUAREThe Syrinix TransientMinder is focused upon the detection and identification of pressure transients across pipe networks. This monitoring enables operators and asset owners to understand the impact of operational activities on the surrounding infrastructure.  Activities such as valve closures or rapid openings can have a potentially damaging impact and sometimes cause catastrophic damage to other components within the local pipe network.

James Dunning, Syrinix CEO said: “Most transients can occur without ever being noticed so providing utility companies around the world with the ability to monitor their pipe network is an integral part of our development. Today’s TransientMinder launch demonstrates our commitment in helping manage their risk and in turn see a network operation cost reduction. Our innovative offering of both hardware and an online portal is set to revolutionise how utilities monitor and detect pressure transients and as a result can substantially improve lifecycle costs.”

Syrinix TransientMinder delivers real time transmission of a pressure transient event and continuous pressure data logs. This innovative solution provides network operators with the tools they need to minimise risk, reduce operational costs and dramatically improve the durability and working lifetime of key pipeline installations. Furthermore the information can be used to help train staff and prepare improved operational procedures.