Syrinix’s TransientMinder monitors water distribution networks to identify and locate harmful pressure transients. In doing so, TransientMinder enables operators and asset owners to better understand the impact of operational activities on water supply infrastructure. Pressure transients can and do cause bursts and discolouration, and yet largely remain unnoticed. With TransientMinder providing real time notification of pressure transients, network operators are able to reduce operational costs and dramatically improve the durability and working lifetime of key pipeline installations and assets.

Syrinix is proud to announce that Scottish Water, Anglian Water, South East Water, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, and Yorkshire Water have all recently ordered multiple TransientMinder units to deploy on their networks. With the aid of Syrinix’s online viewing platform, RADAR, utilities are now benefiting from a variety of features including GPRS communication, immediate event notification, remote configuration, and  the ‘swarm analysis’ that allows transients to be tracked so their causes can be easily identified and mitigated.

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