Syrinix, the award winning intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions company, celebrates its tenth year anniversary this month.

Ten years ago, Syrinix was a University of East Anglia (UEA) research project led by Dr Paul Linford, an authority in electronic signal processing.

Today, Syrinix’s innovative pipeline monitoring solutions are installed on the network of multiple utilities across the UK and USA.

Syrinix celebrates its 10th year anniversary

Syrinix celebrates its 10th year anniversary

Dr Paul Linford, Chief Technical Officer of Syrinix, said, “ We started out as a research project based at UEA, working in partnership with Thames Water, to develop a solution to detect leaks in larger water mains. At the time, none of us imagined the enormity of what we were going to achieve. We now have TrunkMinder installed in the UK and USA. Alongside that, we now also have a comprehensive range of intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions one of those being TransientMinder, which is currently deployed in over 50% of the UKs major utilities and on both coasts of the USA. With our recent success in achieving ISO9001 and committing ourselves to remaining synonymous with quality and innovation, these are exciting times for Syrinix and we look forward to continuing our recent successes.

James Dunning, Chief Executive Officer of Syrinix, said “This is a major milestone both for Syrinix and Paul Linford. The company is built on his expertise and knowledge and I, along with everyone else, am delighted to be working alongside Paul as we build Syrinix’s profile as a leading sector participant”.