Following global orders to Australia, the Middle East and the USA, Syrinix is delighted to announce that it is now supplying its water pipeline monitoring solutions to Mexico.

OCAVM, the body that provides water to the 24 million people in the Valley of Mexico, has contracted with CISI, a Mexican provider of solutions to the water industry, to help maintain the critical transmission pipeline infrastructure feeding Mexico City.

Following an intensive training programme for the Mexican engineers at Syrinix’s head office, both TrunkMinder and BurstMinder have been deployed to monitor key sections of the transmission network for leaks and transient activity. Syrinix products will help pre-empt any catastrophic bursts and provide vital information to allow for the scheduling of maintenance repair programmes.

Cliff Jones, Senior Vice President of Syrinix, said:

“The installations in Mexico are another example of the broadening acceptance of monitoring technologies. Installations of our equipment have occurred in many large utilities in the USA, as well as the UK, Australia and the Middle East. Utilities are now recognizing the value of continuously monitoring their critical underground infrastructure, rather than the periodic snap shot of the condition of a pipeline that you get from one off and intrusive inspection technologies.”
Water pipe networks servicing Mexico City.