Hethel based engineering company Syrinix recently hosted a delegation from the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department.  In conjunction with Professor Dragan Savic of the University of Exeter, Syrinix was delighted to visit a site where TrunkMinder has been deployed in Reading that is part of the Smartwater4Europe project.

This unique project aims to make a business case for smart water supply networks across Europe. The project leader, Dutch water utility Vitens, has brought together a consortium of public and private water operators, technology providers, and research organisers from across Europe.  The project has identified four European test sites, each with its own unique set of issues; including leakage control, water quality management, energy optimizations and ageing pipe network. The SmartWater4Europe consortium aims to overcome these hurdles by developing and demonstrating an integrated solution for smart management of water distribution channels.

Professor Dragan, leading UK authority in the sector states that, “I’m grateful to Syrinix for arranging this and for sharing their thoughts and experiences in protecting the capital’s water assets.  Due to the density of population and the amount of building and traffic in Hong Kong, our visitors are aware of the increased focus on strategic pipeline assets, which Syrinix’s technology can protect and reduce risk of costly consequences of major pipe bursts to business and commerce in Hong Kong.”