Last week, Syrinix SVP Cliff Jones was in Indianapolis attending WWETT 2016 – The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show – the world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals.

Attended by 4,200 companies each year, the WWETT Show offers the latest products, technologies and knowledge related to the water, wastewater and environmental service industry.

Cliff Jones addressed the conference presenting on the subject of ‘Condition Assessment vs Monitoring’, bringing to the forefront the benefits that real-time monitoring will bring to water utility operations.

Specific examples of how TrunkMinder and PipeMinder give peace of mind to the utility, via the information both devices communicate were explained.  With continuous monitoring, TrunkMinder removes the risk of critical pipe failure. With PipeMinder, an accurate planning and infrastructure repair program can be implemented.  This is due to the products intuitive ability to identify the whereabouts and reason that transients occur along a pipeline, providing the information required to calm a network.

Both products and the wealth of data they provide, have to ability to completely transform the way utilities worldwide currently address leaks and bursts.WWETT