Syrinix is celebrating having achieved the internationally recognised ISO14001 Environmental Management system certification.

ISO14001 is added to the portfolio of certifications, including ISO9001 and Achilles, already held by the business.

Syrinix’s Trunkminder is by designed to minimise environmental impacts through the early detection of leaks on critical pipelines to allow their repair before a major burst occurs.

Syrinix’s PipeMinder supports network calming to lessen the amount of stress placed on the water pipeline infrastructure to extend pipeline lifetimes and reduce leaks and bursts.

This certification underlines the company’s commitment to the environment by having a management system in place that ensures that protection of the environment is paramount in every facet of the business from business travel through to manufacturing and field operations.

Mike Bracher, Director of Operations for Syrinix, said “Obtaining these business standards is no easy task and it is testament to the commitment of the Syrinix team that we were able to do so.  Syrinix takes its quality and environment obligations extremely seriously, constantly striving to achieve improved systems and greener solutions, and as a business we are continually moving forward in all of these areas.