Last week SVP Cliff Jones and Technical Support Manager Simeon Hunter both presented at the CATT (Centre of Advancement for Trenchless Technology) 2016 Trenchless Technology Roadshow, which took place at Niagara Falls and is the largest conference of this nature in Canada.

The roadshow provides an opportunity for all those in the buried infrastructure industry to share ideas on how to address Canada’s aging infrastructure challenges. It is also an opportunity to educate municipal staff, consultants, contractors and engineers about the benefits of trenchless methods and technologies in sewer and water pipeline rehabilitation. Speakers and attendees visited from across North America.

Cliff Jones spoke of the pros and cons of a condition assessment program versus continuous monitoring, discussing how times have moved forward with some utilities now using monitoring programs to manage both their risk profile as an organization, and their critical sections of pipe. Projects from California, Mexico and the UK were referenced.

Simeon Hunter spoke on the benefits of monitoring transient pressures in networks, citing examples and data from monitoring projects in California, Nevada, Texas and the UK. Simeon also provided a demonstration of the damaging properties of transients.

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We’re also delighted to announce that Simeon Hunter has been nominated in the Young Professional 2016 category of Water Canada’s – Waters Next Awards.

Winners will be announced on June 23rd following the Canadian Water Summit –

Head Shot_Simeon Hunter