SVP Cliff Jones and Business Manager Shonnie Cline are in Phoenix this week for the AWWA Infrastructure Conference.

AWWA’s newest conference is focused on addressing and protecting asset and infrastructure challenges in North America.

On Monday 31st at 5-6pm in the Arizona Ball Room Cliff and Shonnie will be hosting a poster session titled ‘Calmness – A Key Ingredient for Network Resilience’ hear them discuss and debate why high pressure monitoring is necessary within modern day network management.

On Tues 1st November in room Sierra 1 as part of the track – Technology and Modeling in the Water Sector, Cliff will be presenting the technical presentation titled – Smart Water-Technology in Theory and Practice: Case Studies on Pressure Transients at 2.30pm.

Cliff will then be joining Todd Schram from Sonoma County Water at 4.30pm to present – ‘Source Location Identification of Pressure Surges’

Pressure and flow logging for transformed network management and transient detection

Pressure and flow logging for transformed network and infrastructure management and transient detection