Syrinix launch new Waste Water product in New Orleans.

At WEFTEC 2016, the largest show Waste Water conference and expo in the United States, we launched our brand new product for the Waste Water sector – PIPEMINDER-C – a high resolution pressure monitoring tool specifically for force or gravity mains.

PIPEMINDER-C provides 24/7 high resolution pressure monitoring, with precision transient alerts and tracing. Information at this level gives detailed accurate insight into pipeline activity, especially during pump cycles.

At a special launch event breakfast, partners RJN Consultants gave examples of pro-active utilities in the US who recognise why condition assessment and monitoring is important, they also discussed typical failure mechanisms and why surge and pressure management is critical.  PICA Corporation delivered a case study on Pipe Wall Assessment and our Senior Vice President Cliff Jones gave an overview of the importance of having accurate and timely data to more effectively manage force mains.

Click here for PIPEMINDER-C brochure