Next week, SVP Cliff Jones will be at the National Water and WasteWater Conference at the Toronto Marriott which takes place from the 13-16 November.
Cliff will be presenting a technical session on Tuesday 15th November titled –
From Reactive to Active ‐ Bringing Real‐time Monitoring to the Heart of Water Utility Operations and Asset Management.
He will present case studies with evidence which show where clients have reduced leakage rates by identifying the causes of transients.  By eliminating those transients, it is possible to prolong the life of infrastructure and save repair costs.
PIPEMINDER-S from Syrinix is a high resolution monitoring tool with a sample rate of 128 s/s, it detects changes in pressure and spots transients which would be invisible at a lower rate of sampling.


This year, Syrinix also launched into the Wastewater sector.
Talk to Cliff Jones about PIPEMINDER-C – high resolution pressure monitoring for force mains. This new and innovative product is a key tool for mitigating the risks associated with operating aging wastewater networks.