The AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference took place last week in Phoenix.

Many of the tracks and sessions focused on the pertinence of hydraulics, pressure management and transients.

AWWA Infrastructure Conference

Cliff and Shonnie present at the AWWA Infrastructure Conference 

Highlights included Reid Campbell from Halifax Water discussing how Halifax had identified a direct linkage between transients and pipeline breaks in their distribution network, and Travis Wagner of Pure Technologies presented a paper showing a direct correlation between transients and wire breaks in pre-stressed cylinder pipe (PCCP)

SVP Cliff Jones and Business Manager Shonnie Cline hosted a poster session titled ‘Calmness – A Key Ingredient for Network Resilience’.  They discussed case studies where clients had reduced leakage rates by identifying the causes of transients, and then showed how by eliminating those transients it is possible to prolong the life of infrastructure and save repair costs.

Cliff Jones went on to present the technical session – Smart Water-Technology in Theory and Practice: Case Studies on Pressure Transients. There was much discussion around the causes of transients and how to mitigate those effects.

Todd Schram from Sonoma County Water talked on– ‘Source Location Identification of Pressure Surges’; giving a live example of where Syrinix technology was used to identify the cause of transients in a transmission network, only to discover it was actually a customer, not the utilities own actions, causing the problem.

For more information on these presentations and why Syrinix leak detection and pressure monitoring products will prolong the life of your ageing water networks click here.