Join us on Feb 9 2017 2pm EST as Syrinix in conjunction with Simpson Gumpertz and Heger (SG&H) will be hosting a live webinar presenting evidence and hosting a discussion on the direct relationship between wire breaks and transients in Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipelines (PCCP).

The webinar will address recent findings of a direct link between pressure transients in transmission mains and wire breaks within PCCP. The webinar will go on to discuss how with high resolution monitoring, the cause of the transients can be determined and how by removing these transients, owners can reduce wire breaks and therefore reduce the risk of pipeline failure.

The webinar will include a presentation from Dr. Rasko Ojdrovic, a senior principal at SG&H with more than 25 years of experience in infrastructure projects. Rasko specializes in structural engineering of large diameter pipe used for the transmission and distribution of water and wastewater.

Syrinix SVP Cliff Jones will also present. Cliff has over 30 years of professional experience in the water and technology industries and has overseen numerous inspections of PCCP.  Cliff is the author of published articles on the subject of condition assessment of pipelines, water distribution efficiency and asset management.

We look forward to a packed hour of informative content and lively discussion and invite you to sign up here to join in! (CEU Certificates are available)

Image shows the 72 in. diameter North Coast Superaqueduct carries water 70 km form Arecibo to San Juan. Just after construction, the aqueduct experienced failure of two pipe segments during a transient pressure event.