95% of utilities surveyed say they want to monitor pressure transients on transmission mains following a webinar highlighting a direct link between undetected transients and wire breaks on PCCP.

Last week, Syrinix hosted a Trenchless Technologies webinar themed around recent investigative work which underlined how undetected transients (pressure surges / water hammer) can cause wire breaks and therefore catastrophic failure on Prestressed Concrete Cyclinder Pipelines (PCCP).

The webinar consisted of presentations from long standing industry professionals, Dr Rasko Ojdrovic, senior consultant from engineering firm Simpson Gumpter & Heger (SG&H), and Cliff Jones, SVP Syrinix Inc.

Dr Ojdrovic provided validating evidence that by reducing pressure transients, the risk of failure on PCCP dramatically reduces.

Cliff Jones referenced the PURE Technologies study at WSSC as reported at AWWA Infrastructure Conference in Phoenix in November 2016, which detailed evidence that transient activity had a direct impact on failing pipelines. He went on to highlight that many pressure transients go undetected because every day loggers do not sample at a high enough resolution to catch them.

The webinar attracted over 300 registrants and encouraged a high level of Q&A debate following the presentations.

Prior to the webinar 30% of the participants said they already monitored pressure transients on PCCP.  After the presentations attendees were asked if they would now consider transient monitoring? This question saw an extraordinary 95% positive response rate.

PIPEMINDER-S from Syrinix captures 128 samples / second and has seen success in many US utilities.

Feedback on the webinar content and expert speakers was very positive. One comment stated: “I have been following this subject for some time and this is the first presentation that clearly explained the causes of PCCP pipe failure. thank you” and another that ”it was full of good technical detail”.

With Syrinix technology utilities can now fully understand and manage their pipelines networks efficiently and effectively.

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Image shows the 72 in. diameter North Coast Superaqueduct carries water 70 km form Arecibo to San Juan. Just after construction, the aqueduct experienced failure of two pipe segments during a transient pressure event.

Image shows the 72 in North Coast Super aqueduct carries water 70 km form Arecibo to San Juan. Just after construction, it experienced wire breaks and failure of two segments during a transient pressure event.