Next week join CEO James Dunning and Sales Director Mark Hendy at the 7th SWAN conference, 9-10 May, Tower Hotel, London.

SWAN endeavours to connect global leaders whilst learning of best practices, innovative research, technology solutions, and policy developments from around the world.

Syrinix will feature within the 15:00-16:00 session on Tuesday 9th May titled ‘Demonstrating Water Loss Resilience’ as Andy Smith, Regional Optimisation Manager and Finn Boyle, Innovations Projects Manager from Anglian Water, discuss their ‘Shop Window Project’.

As part of this project Syrinix technology is being used to monitor and identify the source of transients on a network and classify different types of events.

Transient activity is now recognised as increasingly harmful behaviour within networks and capturing and analysing in detail and then acting upon these results, can have a lasting effect on infrastructure.

Find James and Mark next week to find out more

Syrinix CEO James Dunning

James Dunning, Syrinix CEO