In the release of its PR19 methodology, OFWAT has laid down the gauntlet to utilities in four key areas:


This strong call for long term resilience with the need to anticipate, respond and recover from service failures is a natural fit for Syrinix.

PIPEMINDER high resolution monitoring allows utilities to understand and manage their networks more efficiently, from precision leak detection and locating on trunk mains to monitoring for anomalous behaviour and pressure transients.

The PIPEMINDER range transforms how utilities manage their networks and provides data to keep even the most demanding regulator happy… (mentioning no names!)
Network stresses can be understood, located and mitigated enabling network optimisation and pressure calming.

Syrinix has been refining and delivering this technology for the past 12 years across the globe. In PIPEMINDER-T, PIPEMINDER-S and PIPEMINDER-C (for rising mains) we have a game changing innovative product range to help utilities meet their requirements for asset performance, leakage management and efficiency.
It is no longer okay to think that ignorance is bliss!

PIPEMINDER will assist PR19