Syrinix is delighted to announce the appointments of Dan Bors and Vickie Brooks to its brand-new USA HQ in Las Vegas as Field Operations Manager and Office Manager respectively.

Dan joins Syrinix directly from the US Army, swopping the actual ‘front-line’ for front-line technical support as he takes up his role as Field Operations Manager. Whilst in the army, Dan received a coveted ‘Silver Star’ for bravery and actions in Afghanistan and Syrinix will be making effective use of his quick thinking and tenacity, as he becomes the ‘go-to’ technical support contact.

Vickie Brooks is Office Manager and front of house to our USA customers. Vickie has vast experience in the commercial world and a wealth of sales and marketing support experience.

CEO James Dunning said “The USA is a key market for Syrinix and in 2017 we have entered several new states.  The decision to move our regional HQ to Las Vegas sees us in a City renowned for its support of innovation within the water sector. With our first two employees now on board to support our regional Business Managers, we will be working hard to continue this expansion, further cement our reputation and of course continue to offer great customer support and service”

Syrinix is equally proud of the fact that Dan Bors becomes the 4th military veteran to join the company.

Field Operations Manager Office Manager