We are delighted to announce that last week we were winners in the 2017 Anglian Water Supplier Awards.

Nominated by long standing customer Anglian Water in the ‘Innovation Investing for Tomorrow’ category for work within the Anglian Water Shop Window project.

Fionn Boyle from Anglian Water stated: –

“We have been working with Syrinix for a number of years and our latest collaboration is trialling in The Shop Window.

Led by the Innovation and Optimisation teams and working with colleagues from the local Leakage, Networks and Supply teams, a pressure management modelling study has been conducted to look at a number of areas including logger resourcing, return on investment and risk mapping. But funamentally it is to get a detailed understanding of the transient events in the network – where and why they were happening and what their impact is – to secure greater efficiencies in AMP7.

The project is proving to be highly successful. We are now leading the industry in understanding the effect of these pressure waves and the value which can be driven by removing them from our systems.

Not only are we seeing operational benefits from their removal, but also ensuring maximum asset life by eliminating a major source of fatigue”

CEO James Dunning, Sales Director Mark Hendy and Field Engineer Rakesh Mavadia were honoured to receive the award!

Anglian Water Supplier Awards