This week, the  UK Government has launched a pioneering campaign deemed ‘The Year of Engineering’ to transform the way young people see engineering, inspiring the next generation of innovators, inventors and problem solvers by showing them what engineers actually do.

There will be events going on throughout the year supported by organisations and museums, schools and brands.

Syrinix is fully behind this initiative, as the sector houses some of the most interesting careers in the most varied of disciplines.

Next week, Syrinix is hosting a client event at the home of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in Birdcage Walk.  We are proud to have a Chartered Engineer within our Research &Development ranks (Ben Smither) alongside two Doctorates (Dr Paul Linford and Dr Jonathan Coombe).

2018 is the year set to prove that via engineering, there really is no problem that cannot be solved with a view of encouraging young people and those seeking a career change into the sector….it’s not just about wearing checked shirts and brogues you know!

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2018 Year of Engineering