At the Global Leakage Summit in London last month, Dutch utility Vitens, who have a pro-active stance and progressive viewpoint on leakage, presented the results of a project they undertook with Syrinix in Spring 2019. The two companies worked together on a series of simulated bursts using Syrinix pressure monitoring technology.

The aim of this work was to gain a clearer understanding, not only of exactly what was happening within their network, but also to ascertain exactly how accurately and to what scale the tech and its triangulation algorithms could detect and alert network changes.

Vitens simulated a series of bursts and all sets of results were examined.

Syrinix were able to accurately predict (within stated parameters) close location of the burst sites.

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Syrinix presented a similar story in Denver at AWWA ACE19, with VP Engineering Ben Smither and Tom Ginn from Cobb County Marietta Water Authority talking about latest developments and innovation in practice, including deployment planning, classification, triangulation, SCADA event import, Network events.

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