Syrinix strives to achieve excellence in developing and implementing monitoring and sensory equipment for utilities, providing market leading solutions for all our customers.

Our core values:

Accountability – we are responsible for our actions; we make and support business decisions based upon our experience and judgement

Customer Service – we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and will always honour our commitment to them

Integrity – we act with honesty and transparency, never compromising the truth

Excellence – we aim to be the best in quality and in everything we do

Work-life balance – we always strive to reach a balance between our professional and personal commitments

Team Ethos – our team is mutually supportive, loyal to each other and treats each other with respect; we empower our people to take the initiative and to do what is right

Health and Safety – we act with a safety mindset in everything we do, to protect our people, our clients and the community as a whole; harnessing team training and risk assessment to drive a zero-tolerance attitude to preventable risk

Environment – wherever we work we strive to help and improve the communities and the environment; conservation of water through leakage reduction is vital to the sustainability of our world.