Syrinix is inviting you to submit a letter of interest to become a distributor for its unique range of Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring Solutions.

For over 10 years, UK based Syrinix has been developing technologies for asset and risk management with the aim of providing water utility companies with the information they need, when they need it.  This enables management of networks to be active and effective rather than reactive, working together to increase the resilience of networks whilst lowering operating costs and enabling the utilities to do more with less. The Syrinix portfolio is a distinctive product set of award winning solutions that address the urgent needs of water utilities and companies.

Syrinix is prepared to offer exclusive Distribution Agreements to partners who can show they have a suitable presence and reputation in designated markets, and who can manage the anticipated business demand within their specified country.

Syrinix offers its distributors an attractive discount structure, marketing and technical support, and extensive training.

What you get as a distributor:

  • Exclusive rights to a designated territory
  • Guaranteed discounts and pricing based on volume of units

Depending on your status you will receive:


Discounts to products will be applicable in accordance with distribution level selected.

If you are interested please contact our Senior Vice President for International Business, Cliff Jones, at .

We look forward to hearing from you.