Cobb County Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA) has a large diameter transmission main loop carrying water around its jurisdiction. The loop is 75 miles long, with pipe diameters of 36 to 54-inch diameter and consists of both ductile and PCCP material. Undertaking condition assessment inspections or installing a typical leak detection monitoring system for the full length of the line was deemed cost prohibitive for the utility, but CCMWA still wished to gain greater visibility and insight into what exactly was going on in their loop and after evaluating several monitoring systems determined that Syrinix PIPEMINDER-S for measuring pressure transients, might be well suited to meet the Authority’s needs at this time.

In early 2016 CCMWA deployed 10 PIPEMINDER-S devices to accurately monitor water pressure, hopeful that with high resolution data, they could gain the insight they required via further investigation into transient causes and events

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