The Launch of our Consultancy Services.

By monitoring for anomalous behaviour, network stresses, bursts and pressure transients, our PIPEMINDER range transforms the way utilities manage their networks.

The level of high resolution data on offer provides insightful network visibility, equipping the utility with the ability to make efficient informed decisions.

The analysis and interpretation of this data is fundamental to ensuring network resilience, as the need to anticipate respond and recover from service failures is constantly under pressure.  As utilities strive to deliver increased service levels with smaller budgets, delivering optimal monitoring strategies for a significant return on investment becomes a critical factor.

With all of this in mind, plus recognising the issue that many utilities are lacking dedicated resource, we are launching a range of consultancy services to help interpret, present and make recommendations to assist utilities in meeting regulatory and efficiency requirements.

We can offer as part of a bespoke tailored service –

  • Transient Likelihood & Risk Studies

To include a desktop review of the network to determine potential for pressure surges, validate risk of transients causing network issues and recommend optimal monitor placement .

  • Optimisation & Network Calming

To investigate and analyse poor performing assets (be it trunk mains and/or DMA), and recommend techniques for mitigation plus monitoring, once any required system modifications have been completed.

  • Network Event Detection & Location

Network event detection is a new advanced monitoring approach to validate exactly what additional insight can be gleaned from deploying high resolution Syrinix monitors. It encompasses live testing on the network to demonstrate real world applications such as detecting and locating the source of network events.

  • Strategic Asset planning

We will provide a risk-based review of trunk/transmission mains in order to identify the appropriate levels of risk mitigation required for individual stretches of pipeline. This will be undertaken via a method of profiling which models the consequence of failure, in terms of service impact and damage impact and also look at asset integrity profiling, which will include inspections and testing programmes.

In support, we also offer –

  • Installation
  • Field Maintenance
  • A Remote Monitoring Service.


For explanation, clarification or any further detail on these points, please contact UK Sales Director –