• Features

    The most comprehensible network-wide deployment unit to calm pressurised wastewater networks, PipeMinder-C helps to extend wastewater asset lifetimes by identifying and locating harmful transients and reporting to users.

    • Real-time event data notification
    • 4-year battery life
    • External pressure sensor with 5m or 10m cable attached to the unit
    • Configurable reporting and alert function to avoid data overload
    • Cloud-based interface and SCADA integration to view data
    • Multiple service bundles to suit user requirements
    • Compact and rugged IP68 unit

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  • Benefits

    PipeMinder-C brings the leading network calming technology from the Clean Water sector to Waste Water, enabling utilities to:

    • Detect and locate transient events on a 24/7 basis, using high-resolution data and swarm analysis
    • Daily reporting containing min, max and mean pressure data for each 15-minute window
    • Receive immediate burst notification, along with customisable alerts via SMS and email
    • Pinpoint asset repair and management activities
    • Lower operating costs

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  • How it works

    Bu continuously monitoring at 128 s/s, PipeMinder-C is the next generation of wastewater pipeline monitoring solution. Data collected is precision time-stamped via GPS, even while the units are deployed underground. PipeMinder-C uses this high-resolution data to grade damaging transients, using the Syrinix S3 Score, helping utilities to pinpoint asset repair and further enabling utilities to calm their networks.

    Incorporating 3G communication technology aids cross-network compatibility. PipeMinder-C houses an omni-directional antenna with options to boost signal strength for areas of low cellular coverage.

    To avoid data overload from deployed units, PipeMinder-C only reports and alarms when important transient information occurs – all limits are set by the user.

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