• Overview

    PipeMinder-T is the next generation of automated critical trunk main monitoring solution for leak detection and risk mitigation.

    Large diameter pipelines are noisy, turbulent environments. It is only through the use of a fusion of sensors, a hydrophone, in direct contact with the water, a geophone in contact with the pipeline and a digital pressure sensor, coupled with a large sample size that small leaks can be precisely identified in advance of their becoming catastrophic failures.

    PipeMinder-T using high-resolution pressure and flow data provides additional network insights for monitoring anomalous behaviour, network stresses, bursts* and pressure transients.

    *Flow meter required

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  • Features & Benefits

    Data Logging

    Working in paired units, PipeMinder-T automatically assesses the pipeline at high-resolution daily to quickly and accurately understand the status of the monitored trunk main.

    Continually collecting acoustic data at over 1,000 samples per second, PipeMinder-T is able to identify and precisely locate small emerging leaks to allow repair in advance of a more significant failure.

    PipeMinder-T uploads basic daily data for the maximum, minimum, average pressure and flow* for each 15-minute period in the proceeding 24 hours.

    High-resolution pressure and flow* data is immediately uploaded to RADAR following the occurrence of an event to provide clear network insight. All collected high-resolution data is available for 30 days, allowing retrospective analysis of network events.

    *Flow meter required

    Precision Data

    Each unit contains an integrate GPS receiver, which records a fixed position and set the device time upon deployments. This precision time stamping of high-resolution data across paired devices allows leaks to be precisely located on the monitored trunk main and for other network events to be sequenced and traced.

    Event Alarms & Leak Reporting

    In response to a network event, predominantly a burst* or transient, utilities will receive immediate notification from the deployed devices.

    PipeMinder-T captures and analyses significant volumes of acoustic data to build an increasingly detailed insight of the monitored critical trunk main. By presenting many days of analysis in one visualisation (the B-Scan on RADAR) utilities can see existing and emerging leaks on the pipelines.

    Once a leak has been observed over a specific number of days RADAR will alert the user to the leak, and provide a report for review, thus providing a built-in false positive mitigation and notification only when needed.

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  • PipeMinder-T and RADAR

    RADAR, a proven and powerful, secure cloud-based platform, providing fully interactive management of all deployed devices.

    High-resolution data is processed to provide utilities with a user-friendly dashboard which displays aggregated statistical and graphical information from across the monitored network.

    Paired with PipeMinder-T, RADAR gives the clearest, most accurate visualisation of network activity and leak detection, making it the obvious choice to support critical asset management and risk mitigation.


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