• Features

    PipeMinder-T combines the proven acoustic leak detection technology of TrunkMinder with a one-year battery power source for complete ease of installation to make deployment on critical trunk mains simpler and  more flexible than ever before.

    For utilities with ageing and critical trunk mains, the battery powered PipeMinder-T is the ideal solution to understand the status of buried assets by using the 4-dimensional sensor array, including acoustic signals and high-resolution data.

    Data is transferred via quadband 3G for conditioning, filtering and interrogation, all of which is undertaken automatically using stochastic modelling and bespoke algorithms to ensure false positives are removed allowing PipeMinder-T to provide customisable alerts precisely pinpointing the site of the leak.

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  • Benefits

    PipeMinder T provides the visibility and intelligence needed for effective network operations and risk management by enabling utilities to:

    • Detect and locate incipient leaks on a 24/7 basis to within 1 metre
    • Retains sensitivity on larger diameter pipelines
    • Always on and wholly automated
    • Provides detailed knowledge of network events in advance of customer reports
    • Critical data accessible when required not only when available
    • An effective alternative to pipeline replacement with asset lifetimes extended
    • Receive immediate burst notification, along with customisable alerts via SMS and email
    • Avoid false positives and ‘dry-digs’ through integral certainty assessment
    • Lower operating costs
    • Manage risks actively rather than reactively

    Lowered operating costs

    • Reduced field deployments and inspections
    • Emergent leaks repaired on a scheduled rather than emergency basis
    • Brand and reputation protection
    • Reduction in major incidents resulting in adverse press commentary
    • Maintenance/enhancement of reputation with key stakeholders including customers, regulators and politicians


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  • How it works

    Operating at the forefront of intelligent pipeline monitoring technology the battery operated PipeMinder-T, provides early identification of emerging and emergent leaks, often the precursor to a catastrophic failure.

    Incorporating a permanently installed 4-dimensional sensor array, including

    • Geophone to detect vibro-acoustic signals within the pipeline
    • Hydrophone to detect signals within the water
    • Algorithm-based analysis derived from the study of 10m+ lines of data
    • Digital pressure transducer to detect pressure changes
    • Flow rate to ensure full burst alert coverage

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