• Overview

    PipeMinder-S transforms the way utilities manage their networks by providing high-resolution data for informed decision making, mitigating risks, extending asset lifetimes and reducing leaks and bursts.

    Installed across a network, PipeMinder-S provides an innovative single technology solution for monitoring anomalous behaviour, network stresses, bursts, pressure transients, and negative spikes, most of which are often invisible at lower resolution with basic logging devices. PipeMinder-S allows utilities, for the first time, to fully understand and manage their networks efficiently and effectively.

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  • Feature and Benefits

    Data Logging

    Basic daily data is uploaded for the maximum, minimum and average pressure for each 15-minute period in the preceding 24 hours.

    With PipeMinder-S each 15-minute window value is calculated from pressure continuously recorded at 128 samples/second and flow* at 1 sample/second. This highlights the true pressure range exerted on the pipe over the 15-minute period.

    *Flow meter required

    Precision Data

    PipeMinder-S records a fixed position and set the device time upon deployment. This precision time stamping of high-resolution data across multiple devices allows events to be sequenced and traced as they progress throughout the network, enabling utilities to locate and trace events and bursts.

    Event Alarms

    In response to a network event, utilities receive an immediate notification from the deployed devices. High-resolution data is transmitted for the event comprising of before, during and after data sets, allowing operators to review and analyse the event.

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  • PipeMinder-S and RADAR

    RADAR, a proven and powerful, secure cloud-based platform, providing fully interactive management of all deployed devices.

    High-resolution data is processed to provide utilities with a user-friendly dashboard which displays aggregated statistical and graphical information from across the monitored network.

    Paired with PipeMinder-S, RADAR gives the clearest, most accurate insight of network activity, making it the obvious choice to support optimisation and calming of the network. 

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