• Overview

    RADAR, a proven and powerful secure cloud-based platform, providing fully interactive management of all deployed devices

    Accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile devices RADAR provides utilities with a transformed view of their network. High resolution data is processed to provide utilities with a user-friendly dashboard which displays aggregated statistical and graphical information from across the monitored network.

    RADAR provides remote configuration, event location tracking and visualisation, status alerts and updates as well as advanced, yet easy to use data analysis tools for plotting and interpretation of data received.

    Paired with PipeMinder, RADAR gives the clearest most accurate insight of network activity, making it the obvious choice to support optimisation and calming of the network.

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  • Features & Benefits

    Each deployed PipeMinder device transmits GPS time stamped data to RADAR which is processed and drawing on inspiration from Swarm analysis, the system is able help detect and locate network events. Aiding utilities to establish the cause and trace their impact throughout their network. Allowing for fast and effective mitigation.

    Syrinix’s S3 score is calculated within the device and displayed via RADAR. The S3 score is a graphical representation of the severity of damaging transients that stress a network. Large changes which happen quickly results in a high S3 score and will be alerted to the user with the event data automatically uploaded to RADAR.

    Google Maps allow deployed units to be easily located and viewed within RADAR. Utility GIS data can be overlaid for a clearer understanding of the unit’s location.

    RADAR is a secure cloud-based platform, however, bespoke integration into existing software and/or SCADA platforms is available

    In response to a network event RADAR provides smart event alerts via email or SMS, these are customisable by the user to ensure immediate notification of the critical event without overloading the user with non-critical issues.

    The obvious choice to support optimisation and network calming.

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  • How it works