• Features

    TrunkMinder Features

    • Retains sensitivity on larger diameter pipelines
    • Always-on multi-sensor monitoring
    • High resolution automated leak detection, locating and notification
    • Immediate burst alerts
    • Real time pressure and flow reporting
    • Web and SCADA accessible data feeds
    • Configurable graphical presentation of data
    • Real time and historic data download functionality
    • Configurable sensitivity
    • Customisable alerts including SMS and email
    • IP68 water ingress protection for sensor array
    • Remote unit management
    • Remote firmware upgrade capability

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  • Benefits

    Transforms the asset and risk management of critical and high consequence pipelines

    • Always on and wholly automated
    • Precise high resolution leak identification and location
    • Immediate burst notification
    • Configurable alert protocols including scheduled reporting, SMS and email
    • Enhanced health and safety with reduced field deployments
    • Provides detailed knowledge of network events in advance of customer reports
    • Critical data accessible when required not only when available
    • Multiple feeds accessible in parallel at any time from web-enabled devices (or SCADA system) data without deploying teams to multiple sites
    • An effective alternative to pipeline replacement with asset lifetimes extended
    • Avoidance of false-positive alerts and “dry-digs” through integral certainty assessment


    Lowered operating costs

    • Reduced field deployments and inspections
    • Avoided associated costs from catastrophic failures
    • Emergent leaks repaired on a scheduled rather than emergency basis
    • Avoidance of false-positive alerts and “dry-digs” through integral certainty assessment
    • Potentially supports the mitigation of insurance premium increases
    • Brand and reputation protection
    • Reduction in major incidents resulting in adverse press commentary
    • Promotion of users as innovative and effective
    • Maintenance/enhancement of reputation with key stakeholders including customers, regulators and politicians


    Taking critical asset management from reactive to active

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  • How it works
    • 4-dimensional sensor array incorporating high resolution pressure, flow and vibro-acoustics
    • Permanently installed
    • Algorithm-based analysis derived from the study of 10m+ lines of data
    • High specification materials including cast metal casings for extended resilience in harsh locations
    • Configurable communications protocols including mobile and ADSL
    • Configurable power supply options

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