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This winter, Denver CO witnessed a 70-degree temperature change, ranking as the greatest ever one day temperature drop on record. 

With PIPEMINDER devices it is possible to permanently damage the pressure transducer if it is not protected from frost and the water it is in contact with freezes.

Under these conditions the pressures exerted by the expansion of freezing water can exceed the maximum burst pressure of the transducer, particularly relevant to devices using a 21K connecting hose.

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The following precautions should be taken when deploying in a climate where temperatures below 0°C (32°F) will be experienced:

  • Install below ground beneath the frost-line as close as possible to the pipeline.
  • Apply insulation above and around PIPEMINDER devices and any connecting hoses.
  • DO NOT install above ground without frost protection as a necessity.

NB: Devices damaged due to over-pressure events, whether due to the expansion of freezing water or very high-water pressures, will not be replaced under warranty.

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