Water quality failures

Utilities have the responsibility and a regulatory requirement to provide safe and consistent drinking water.

Customer complaints occur if odour taste and colour expectations are not met.

For example, When a leak occurs contaminants can be pulled into the pipe causing discolouration of water.  In addition, failures can occur in water treatment plants or storage tanks resulting in excess or infective levels of chemical dosing.


How can Syrinix help?

PIPEMINDER can now be used to collect water quality data with the integration of water quality sensors in the field.

Alerts can be notified in real-time of thresholds being breached, for example, pressure events, conductivity, chlorine, and turbidity levels

Syncing Data

This data can now all be included on a single graph within RADAR for viewing and analysis.

When a breach occurs, the utility can automatically increase the number of communications it receives, in order that they can continually manage the event as it progresses.

This enriches the levels of information obtained about the pipeline and gives utility companies peace of mind that outcomes and causes can be alerted and acted upon, quickly.

Syrinix has a working partnership with ATI UK to provide industry-leading water quality sensors to work together with the Syrinix PIPEMINDER range.

Water Quality data graph
PIPEMINDER-ONE pressure data and water quality data – conductivity, choline and turbidity - from the ATI MetriNet unit.

RADAR - Bringing data to life

RADAR, our cloud platform can be configured to send alerts and notifications, giving users more information to understand, plan, and react to events.

With water quality data integration, it can now include data that can potentially manage water quality failures and customer complaints.

Seamless integration

The streamlined analysis of water quality is more than simply collecting data and passing to another database.

PIPEMINDER working with RADAR – collects and displays pressure and water quality data in a simple, easy to use screen that provides advanced insights on the water distribution network.