Syrinix RADAR

RADAR is our powerful cloud-based data analysis platform

RADAR collects, analyses and alerts on water network data from Syrinix PIPEMINDER pressure and flow loggers, water quality sensors, SCADA systems and third party data loggers and data platforms.

Optimise, Remediate, Innovate

By combining multiple data types and sources from across your network, our analysis tools provide a new level of detailed insights into network operation and behaviour.

These insights, alongside our smart, actionable alarms empower utilities to optimise, remediate and innovate to reduce leakage and breaks, calm networks and extend asset lifetimes.

Break Rates
Asset Lifetimes

Can your network monitoring do this?

High/Low Pressure Alarms

High/Low Pressure Alarms

Using our latest PIPEMINDER-ONE equipment, receive instant alerts when pressure values go above or below desired limits.

Pressure Waveform Classification

Pressure Waveform Classification

Automatically compare the shape of transient waveforms to classify similar and repeated events together, helping you distinguish important and unusual events from normal operation.

Burst Detection & Locating

Burst Detection

Use RADAR to automatically track the source of bursts and major pressure events, transforming utility burst event responses.

Smarter Event Alerts

Smarter Event Alerts

Email and SMS alerts provide you with the crucial intelligence you need, without overloading you with data.

SCADA & Data Integrations

Data Integrations

Using our intuitive APIs, third party data and SCADA events can be integrated alongside pressure and flow events, helping utilities root out issues faster.

Harmful Transient Detection

Transient Detection

Detect harmful pressure spikes and report them immediately in high resolution at 128 samples per second.

Combined Water Quality & Pressure

Water Quality

With PIPEMINDER-ONE and RADAR, connected water quality sensors can be reported in sync with pressure data and events, providing deep insights into potentially harmful network behaviour.

Advanced Graphing Tools

Advanced Graphing Tools

Instantly zoom from months of pressure data into high resolution pressure events using our advanced, yet easy to use, graphing tools.

Simple Fleet Management

Simple Fleet Management

Intuitive interfaces, tools and filters make managing your fleet of equipment easy.

Total Head Pressure Display

Total Head Pressure Display

Our site elevation feature allows you to view pressure data taking piezometric head into account for improved analysis and additional insights.

Don’t just take our word for it

“The latest version of RADAR is a great evolution of the existing functionality provided by Syrinix.

Some of the features that have proved to be particularly useful are the ability to save elevation data and plot total head pressures, zone alarms to manage alerts, and dial-up regimes to maximise battery life whilst reducing false-positive insight alerts.

Navigation remains intuitive and the user experience of the app is the best I’ve seen. RADAR will enable our analysts to work more efficiently, improve insight generation, and reduce operational maintenance requirements of our fleet of devices.”

Richard Fielding, Smart Water Systems Engineer, Anglian Water

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Our newest family of PIPEMINDER-ONE products provide the latest generation of low cost, high performance pressure, acoustic and data logging.

All our PIPEMINDER products are optimised to fully integrate with our RADAR cloud platform providing a complete end-to-end system.

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