When British water utilities South East Water and Anglian Water wondered whether water quality could inform utilities about leaks and bursts, Syrinix answered the call.

Now, PIPEMINDER monitoring devices can be connected to a utility’s water quality sensors, reporting water quality data directly alongside pressure data.

Using the same PIPEMINDER equipment to route the data provides synchronized time intervals and sample periods that provide advanced insights on network assets.

The Water Quality Import feature on the RADAR cloud-based platform provides information that can be used for reporting and to correlate specific network events to water quality levels, often in time to prevent problems.

PIPEMINDER-S amd ATI Water quality sensor
PIPEMINDER-S and an ATI MetriNet water quality sensor in situ in chamber

Because PIPEMINDER collects and reports water quality in tandem with pressure data, a simple, easy-to-read analysis is displayed in RADAR, helping utilities identify links between network activity and water quality.

By syncing data streams together, users can access more detailed intelligence to connect specific network events to water quality levels.

For example, sediment being dislodged off a pipe caused by a pressure event or ingress caused by a burst could cause water discoloration.

Seeing the pressure events and the water quality data together on the screen provides additional insights to make operational changes on the network.

Water Quality data graph
PIPEMINDER-ONE pressure data and water quality data – conductivity, chlorine, and turbidity

Using a single communication device to monitor both pressure and water quality reduces time and operating costs.

RADAR can be configured to send alerts and notifications, giving users more information to understand, plan, and react to events, and includes data that can potentially manage water quality failures and customer complaints.

Because RADAR alerts can provide early warning of a large pressure event and the potential impact, utilities have time to make changes that can manage the impact on the network and ultimately reduce the cost of financial penalties.

cloud data platform RADAR

The streamlined analysis of water quality is more than simply collecting data and passing to another database.

PIPEMINDER working with RADAR – collect and display pressure and water quality data in a simple, easy to use screen that provides advanced insights on the water distribution network.

This action saves the utility money by empowering them to make operational decisions to reduce leaks and bursts and extended the life of network infrastructure.

Contact your Syrinix support team to learn more about how importing water quality data into your RADAR platform can enhance network operations.

PIPEMINDER ONE and cloud data platform RADAR
Syrinix's PIPEMINDER sensors, data processing and insight platform RADAR.

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