Today, many utilities are required to identify failures in minimum customer pressure levels and there is a growing global movement toward water loss audit reporting – all in addition to the quality issues that can arise with low-pressure events, for example from bursts.

Responding to these changes, Syrinix has developed an intelligent low-pressure alarm that will alert the utility when minimum network pressure levels are breached, and then automatically allow them to monitor the situation remotely and on an ongoing basis.

The pressure threshold for a deployed PIPEMINDER can be set and adjusted by the user remotely, via RADAR, whilst the pressure continues to be monitored by the deployed PIPEMINDER at the pipe.

If the threshold is then breached, by a burst or other low-pressure event, PIPEMINDER sends an alert and also automatically switches to sending updated summary data much more frequently until the low-pressure situation is resolved.

With this new functionality, users can both be alerted to the low-pressure event and have continual data updates, as they respond to the underlying cause.


Low Pressure alert graph
Operating zone alarm graph - The zone alarms are not only available with pressure, but with a range of parameters such as flow and water quality data.

This new RADAR feature is available with PIPEMINDER-ONE and newer PIPEMINDER-H devices.

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