What's the worst case scenario?

A burst trunk main causes catastrophic damage to homes and businesses, traffic disruption, and a significant interruption to the water supply, not to mention a severe dent in customer confidence.

Water infrastructure is aging, and water companies continually need to look for ways to increase pipeline resilience and customer satisfaction whilst keeping bills low.

Retaining the integrity of critical assets is the ongoing responsibility of utility companies whilst reviewing the impact and consequence of any failure.

Stressed and leaking water pipe
A stressed water pipeline

A strategy for managing risk

Water network calming can be realised by spotting pressure transients and on confirming the pressure source, modifying the operational activity to limit any damage to infrastructure.

Acoustic leak detection uses acoustic sensors to listen and report for small emergent leaks before they manifest in a burst which could be catastrophic in its nature.

Burst detection

With RADAR’s triangulation feature, identifying the source of a major burst js automated, providing deeper insight into network activity and enabling increased operational efficiencies and response

Map view of harmful events

How can Syrinix help?

Syrinix can work with you to review asset data, GIS and provide guidance on the deployment and positioning of sensors on the pipeline.

We also provide analysis of data captured.

Talk to us about how we can help you to manage your pipeline risk.

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