Syrinix Intelligence Services

Introducing our tailored consultancy and installation services

Using high-resolution data from PIPEMINDER monitors and RADAR, our intuitive cloud data platform, our expert analysts will provide insights and advice to help utilities identify issues, mitigate causes, and monitor their networks effectively.

Achieve a Calmer Network

Syrinix can identify and mitigate the source of problems on your network. A structured approach to pressure monitoring identifies the causes of pressure transients, so they can be reduced or removed, calming down water networks and in turn reducing the number of asset failures.

We offer a complete service encompassing the planning and deployment of sensors, through to the collection and assessment of data. We will work with you to make recommendations for remedial actions and ongoing operational works, based upon monitored data.

Trunk Main Assessments

Water infrastructure is aging, and it is the responsibility of utilities to investigate ways to increase network resilience, and therefore customer satisfaction. A burst trunk main will cause significant, likely catastrophic, damage to homes and businesses, traffic disruption, and loss of water supply.

We understand just how important it is to manage this risk on critical pipelines. Using our sophisticated acoustic technology alongside expert knowledge, we support utilities with the provision of leak detection on trunk mains.

Optimise Your Rising Mains

Our rising main monitoring service provides data and insights to build a picture of network behaviour. Specially designed pressure sensors combined with RADAR, our cloud analysis platform, enable identification of performance issues such as blockages, sticking non-return valves and worn pumps.

Automated burst alarms increase resilience by improving visibility and transforming incident response times. Our recommendations and insights feed into overall network optimisation and assist operational maintenance plans.

How Can Syrinix Intelligence Help You?

Our consultancy services cover a broad range of applications, and when combined with our intelligent pipeline monitoring technologies provide invaluable network insights.

Contact us to see how we can provide a bespoke offering to suit your network.

Syrinix Intelligence in Action

See how our intelligence services have helped utilities across the globe

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