Pumped Main Monitoring

Implementing automated monitoring and alerts on pumped main networks enables rapid detection of break events, significantly shortening event response times and reducing environmental impact.

Reduce Pollution
Decrease Pump
Energy Usage
Improve Failure
Response Times
Increase Asset
Lower Operational

Automated analysis from Syrinix identifies potential asset failures and fault conditions before they become break events. Our algorithms will also identify operational efficiencies to reduce running costs and energy usage.

Analyze, Alert, Prevent

PIPEMINDER data loggers combined with intelligent cloud analysis and intuitive operational tools via our RADAR platform can provide an immediate reduction in pollution events and energy/carbon usage, with a return on investment of less than one year in most cases.


Our high performance pressure logger with an external sensor connection suitable for wastewater.


The feature rich, yet easy to use, cloud data analysis platform for your wastewater network.

Syrinix RADAR

Transformative insights into pumped main performance

High Resolution Pressure and Precision Timing

PIPEMINDER-ONE contains a highly precise 20 bar pressure sensor, sampling at 128 times a second, alongside precision network timestamping for unparalleled data accuracy.

High Resolution Pressure and Precision Timing
Designed for Simple Installations on Wastewater Pipelines

Designed for Simple Installations on Wastewater Pipelines

The specially designed sensor head, suitable for wastewater connections, combined with a lengthy cable allow for flexible, reliable installations into existing chambers and pump houses.

Detect and Alert Harmful Burst Events

Automated burst alerts enable significantly reduced operational response times saving time and money whilst reducing negative environmental impacts.

Detect and Alert Harmful Burst Events
Identify Asset Performance Issues

Identify Asset Performance Issues

Performance alerts identify potential issues early, such as blocked pipes, trapped air and failing pumps and valves, preventing larger failures and saving money.

Hydraulic Modelling Data Integrations

Transform your visibility of pumped mains and wastewater pipelines with high resolution pressure data feeding into hydraulic models via our intuitive APIs and integration tools.

Hydraulic Modelling Data Integrations
Anglian Water

Case Study

Anglian water manages nearly 113,000 kilometres/8,000 miles of water and sewer pipe, including more than 6,000 rising mains (pressure mains) transporting sewage. If a burst occurs on a rising main, allowing sewage to escape the system, rapid detection and mitigation is essential to minimise the environmental impact.

To improve its ability to detect these bursts and optimise its operations, Anglian Water partnered with Syrinix to install PIPEMINDER-ONE monitors at key locations.

In addition to improving operational efficiency, the monitoring program has been instrumental in identifying opportunities for financial savings.

Rectifying issues has already generated more than £30,000/$40,400 per year in energy savings alone, based on completing 30 of the planned 50 mitigations. Add to this the reduced costs associated with investigating bursts and the utility anticipates a payback on investment within just one year.

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