Data outcomes from the monitoring of force mains has allowed Anglian Water to identify failing assets and as a result of the findings savings have been made in various areas across the business.

In May 2019 early detection of a burst rising main meant a repair bill of £1,100 as opposed to the £25,000 repair bill received in December 2018, prior to the introduction of a ‘burst alert’ detection alarm.

This meant Anglian Water could minimise the impact on the environment, whilst lessening customer impact and preserving company reputation.




Overall, a richer data set and the information provided to Anglian has helped the company to make smarter investment decisions on assets, with the potential to reduce need to deliver huge capital solutions, (like mains replacements, etc).

Rebecca Harrison, Optimisation Strategy Manager at Anglian Water:

“This new level of monitoring has allowed Anglian Water to deploy strategies aimed at extending the life of the force main (such as soft starts on pumps and improved air valve maintenance) of which early results have suggested it will allow for deferral of capital investment by extending asset life. This enhanced understanding of performance also provides an essential targeting tool for the optimisation team.”

Mark Hendy – VP sales EMEA at Syrinix:

“This collaboration project has delivered real insight into how force mains operate and defined the typical failures that occur. The data collected led to newly developed analysis methods which deliver both maintenance alerts and early warning of asset failures. The automated insights made viable savings for utility companies whilst also benefiting the environment.”


Syrinix are delighted to have been nominated for a 2020 Water Industry Award within the 'Wastewater Innovation Project of the Year' category."

Winners are announced on May 20th

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