They further give the highest priority to the development and maintenance of Environmental Prevention and Protections systems in line with current statutory requirements and all other relevant current legislation.

It is the duty of employees to fulfill their responsibilities to the Environmental Policy statement needs as defined by the company.

All company personnel are empowered to raise matters regarding environmental Protection and Prevention deficiencies or forward suggestions to the senior team.

All employees with specific responsibilities to Environmental Protection shall ensure that these responsibilities are delegated to appropriate personnel in their absense.

Every effort shall be made to ensure the provision of information, instruction, training and Environmental representation in accordance with statutory requirements.

It is the company policy to ensure, as far as practically possible, that the highest level of Environmental protection and Prevention is maintained by Syrinix and their associated workers, in accordance with statutory requirements and all other current legislation.  the company will make available adequate personnel to ensure that the requirements of this policy may be complied with and is committed to the protection of the Environment.

All employees who authorize work to be carried out shall ensure that there are adequate Environmental Protection facitilies available. No employee will be requested to carry out any operation which may have ptential adverse environmental consequences. All employees should seek to ensure Environmental Protection and Preventative objectives are maintained in their respective areas of work.

All work methods shall be periodically appraised to ensure that Environmental Protection / Prevention objectives and continual improvement is maintained.