Why do water pipes leak?

Many leaks occur through joints and fittings on the pipeline or in the case of pipeline wall failures, because they become thinner due to stress and fatigue.

A number of contributing factors cause pipeline stress, we are concentrating on 'pressure transients'.

Transients are short-lived pressure waves delivering fast changes in the pressure of a pipe in water networks.

Regular transient activity within pipelines can lead to pipeline fatigue and a weakening of infrastructure which becomes a pre-cursor to leaks and bursts.

Stressed and leaking water pipe
A stressed and leaking pipeline

Realising a calm water network

If transients can be detected and identified, the operational activity can be changed to calm the water network.

Water network calming can be achieved with a programme of monitoring to detect transients and act on their cause.

How can Syrinix help?

Our approach focuses on identifying and eradicating the source of pressure transients via monitoring and making recommendations to change network behaviour.

End to end solutions supply clarity, accuracy, and peace of mind

Replacing the risk of the unknown with actionable solution-oriented data and configurable alerts, Syrinix’s range of PIPEMINDER solutions enables you to take an active approach to a potential problem, with financial, environmental, and reputational benefits being the result.

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