Leaks are the unintentional escape of water through a crack, hole, puncture, or similar small opening. Leaks can often lead to catastrophic failures.

Syrinix devices with acoustic sensors can use them to correlate acoustic data along a pipe and identify the noise sources of potential leaks.

A leak noise event will report the site pairing from which it is detected, along with the position of the potential leak, and details about how it was detected.

Within RADAR, where a leak noise is detected, you would expect to see a peak in the leak correlation charts above the normal background values. The peak location along the X-axis indicates the distance of the leak along the pipe from the first sensor.

RADAR will automatically detect ‘peaks’ of interest and highlight them on charts with a red cross. When peaks are repeatedly detected in the same place across multiple correlations, an automatic ‘Leak Noise Event’ will be created to alert users to a potential leak.

Chart displaying leak information

For subscribed users, leak noise events will be sent as ‘critical’ immediate email alerts on their first detection, and repeatedly sent in the user’s daily event emails as long as their presence is detected.