When RADAR detects something of potential importance, such as a large pressure change, a device going offline, or an asset fault, it will create an ‘Event’.

There are various types of ‘Event’, each with its own information and data sets.

Each user can set their own ‘Notification Rules’, outlining what events they want to receive alerts for, and how they want to receive them.

Users can also configure how and when notifications are delivered, such as via the RADAR interface, or via email and SMS messages.


Picture showing RADAR Events screen

Notification Rules

To ‘subscribe’ to events visit your account view by clicking your name or initials in the navigation bar at the top of the page. From here select ‘Manage Notifications’.

Any existing subscriptions set for an account will be displayed. Click ‘Add Notification Rule’ to create a new one.

For each subscription choose the asset level at which you want to subscribe.

Once you have chosen an asset level, use the form to pick the actual assets to subscribe to. You can select up to 20 at a time.

Next choose the event type. The subscription will notify you about events of the chosen type only. Choose ‘All Events’ to subscribe to every possible type for the chosen assets.

Image showing Event Notifications