Press release - Syrinix has announced a new partnership with ISOIL, an Italian company specialising in the measurement, automation, and control of industrial water and wastewater management systems.

The partnership expands the Syrinix line to a new market while boosting the ISOIL portfolio. As an exclusive distributor of Syrinix high-resolution pressure monitoring solutions in Italy, ISOIL complements a robust line of flow meters, energy meters, and management software.

The Syrinix PIPEMINDER technology uses pressure monitoring and leak detection to identify and alert operators to transient pressure events, bursts, and leaks. Combined with its RADAR software, which captures high-resolution data in a cloud-based platform, the PIPEMINDER empowers utilities to save time, save money, and water.


With its aging water infrastructure, Italy represents a perfect opportunity for Syrinix to supply pressure management and leak detection to calm utilities, promoting water security and ecological sustainability by reducing water loss and non-revenue water. 


By adding Syrinix's advanced leak detection and transient management technologies to our portfolio, we capitalize on the expertise and drive of an industry leader to solve Italy’s ever-evolving water challenges, including scarcity and waste.

Italian utilities need robust data-driven solutions to adapt quickly. Syrinix is a natural match for ISOIL's extensive water industry expertise.

In choosing Syrinix, ISOIL is partnering with a market leader, Syrinix provides more than just a product, its focus on saving water matches the ISOIL mission since 1958: to make solutions that count.

Luca Scansetti, Isoil