Alerting large pressure events

With 'always on' high-resolution data set to alert when a pressure threshold is breached, using the Syrinix S3 severity scoring system, we can alert to the existence of large pressure events within a water network, as soon as they occur.

This ensures the operations team can immediately investigate and ensures that there is no overwhelming amount of data to analyse. It is presented as you need it.

A graph showing water pressure transient event

Classification and clustering

Shape Classification is a recent development addition to RADAR. Using pattern recognition, transient waveforms are compared for similar shapes and classified against an exemplar set of reference transients pre-derived from that network.

By classifying similar shapes into actions, for example, a pump start/stop, we can identify which are known everyday events and which are out of the ordinary.

This advanced level of intelligence prevents time and resources from being unnecessarily spent on common network events and clarifies where an investigation is required.

Valve and pump performance monitoring

South-East Water had recurrent operational issues on a pipeline with an Electrically Operated Valve (EOV) thought to be the cause of transient behaviour.

RADAR immediately displayed a high-pressure transient spike which on overlaying SCADA data related to the opening and closing of this exact EOV.

A maintenance team was deployed, the valve changed and the network instantly calmed. - Read full story here

Fig 2 - Differing pressure values before and after valve was replaced
Old EOV (red) Pressure variation 6-14 Bar observed
Replacement new valve (orange) pressure variation 7-7.5 Bar observed

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