• Remote configuration
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Antenna options 4G connectivity
  • Pressures of up to 20bar
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • CE and FCC certified

PIPEMINDER-C is smart pressure monitor measuring continuously at 128 samples per second. It expands the industry’s understanding of rising mains in wastewater networks. 

Data is sent to Syrinix's RADAR data hub, where it is analysed against set performance parameters that determine the system operating state, and enable the identification of asset issues.

Network visibility

By taking an aggregate view of the pipeline and determining its mean operating state, Syrinix has developed analysis techniques making it possible to spot problemtatic assets which allow for pro-active maintenance plans.

Burst alarm

A powerful burst alarm tool quickly advices the utility of an asset failure.

This technology and automated analysis can now spot failure on a rising main with a burst alarm sent within a few hours.

Flexible deployment

The modular system comprises of an IP68 controller attached to an external pressure sensor on a 5m cable with an external antenna and a rechargeable battery supply.

This provides total installation flexibility.

Lifetime support

Our specialist support team are on hand to provide support throughout the active service life of your PIPEMINDER-C device.

In addition, Syrinix provides full on-site training to network operators to ensure PIPEMINDER-C will be installed and optimised for the best results.

Greener power supply

PIPEMINDER-C comes with a rechargeable battery as standard. The life between charges is dependent on the ambient temperature, cellular signal quality and standard operating use.

Assuming the communication of four dial ups, and 25 reported transients per day, the battery will last for 6-8 months on a single charge.

PIPEMINDER-C in action

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