South East Water hired Syrinix for a consultative project to support the identification of contributory factors to transmission main failures, which was impacting their ability to meet UK regulatory targets.

By looking at the root cause of transient events on transmission mains which had a history of bursts, they hoped they could mitigate the cause and therefore better optimise the network.

One investigated pipeline contained an Electrically Operated Valve (EOV) which was thought to be a cause of transient behaviour. PIPEMINDER-S immediately picked up a high-pressure transient spike which on overlaying SCADA data related to the opening and closing of this exact EOV.

Graph showing pressure variations at three monitoring points on the network, before and after the EOV replacement.
Fig 1 shows pressure variations at three monitoring points on the network, before and after the EOV replacement.

Graph showing the difference between the old and new pressure valves
Fig 2 shows differing pressure values before and after valve was replaced.

The valve was replaced but not before time was taken to quantify the size of the events, before and after the valve change which had an immediate impact on the pressure transient activity. Fig 2 shows the old EOV pressure variation between 6-14 bar in red, with the new replacement valve pressure variation between 7-7.5 bar in orange.

The multiple PIPEMINDER-S devices did also give much more general insight into the propagation around and the impact on network operations.

Improved visibility of the water network and understanding the impact the operation of our assets will play a significant role in the implementation of network calming.

The deployment of monitors based on network characteristics, propagation of events and required accuracy will optimise the use of sensors.

Rob Anthony-Scourse, Network Operation Manager, South East Water

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