How can Syrinix help?

From deployment planning to data driven recommendations, we can work with you to help obtain the very best results from pipeline monitoring.

As well as offering precision understanding of how a network operates, Syrinix can provide an immediate alarm system for damaging pressure surges.


Early indication of failing assets or change in customer use is alerted and this ensures the network is kept calm.

Should significant failures or bursts occur, data can be triangulated and the location reported for optimum 'find and fix' times.

Example of a triangulation map showing sensor and event placement
Fig 2 shows location of monitors which detected the event (orange), the location of the burst (black) and predicted locations (red) from analysis.

Leak detection and pressure transient units working together provide cost effective coverage and we will also work with other providers to ensure the very best smart network monitoring solution is achievable.

Talk to us about the peace of mind, visibility and benefits that smart network monitoring offers.


What is so smart about network monitoring?

Smart network monitoring gives you the greatest possible levels of visibility.

This allows for operation-led decisions to be taken that are based on actual pipeline behaviour.

The more monitoring points on a network, the greater coverage is provided, and as the devices and even different solutions work together, the accuracy of the data increases further.

External integration

Data from a SCADA system can also be overlayed and accuracy improves once more, the end result being a responsive system that gives you a true picture of network behaviour, enabling operational actions to be taken with certainty.

Pressure sensors and water quality sensors working together



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