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Prevent and alert for catastrophic failures on pressurised wastewater pipelines with rising main monitoring.

“Initially, when we installed the units it was a targeted approach for bursts, but the more that we have been working with the data, the more we realised it opened a lot of doors and a lot of opportunities around how we manage our rising mains and how and where we invest in them, in the future.”
Lorenzo Pompa, Asset Optimization Engineer, Water Recycling, Anglian Water UK

Critical break alarms

Syrinix provides critical break alarms as part of its force mains monitoring alongside invaluable asset performance analysis which help prevent breaks and increase asset lifetimes.

Syrinix technology, using a patent-pending algorithm, collects high-resolution data at 128Hz and applies precision time stamping to quickly alert utilities to a break on a wastewater line.

A fast response is crucial to minimizing the impact of a failure once it's happened.


Monitoring pipeline health - 24/7

RADAR, Syrinix's cloud platform delivers insights on performance before an event occurs, so operators can make adjustments that prevent causes of sewer line failure whilst enabling utilities to -

       Stay compliant

-        Save money

-        Keep your community happy

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Syrinix is working with global utilities, monitoring force main networks and supplying data to improve performance management and reduce and spot breaks.  

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