• Remote configuration
  • Mains, battery or solar powered
  • Antenna options 4G connectivity
  • Pressures of up to 290psi
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • GPS time & location tracking

Working in paired units, PIPEMINDER-T collects acoustic data up to four times daily, automatically assessing pipelines to quickly and accurately understand the integrity of the monitored main, and identify any leaks.

The additional collection of high-resolution pressure data identifies pressure transients that contribute to pipeline fatigue and can even be a cause of emergent leaks. 

Risk management

Using a hydrophone and geophone for enhanced correlation, the data over time builds a detailed picture of the monitored main.

The technology provides peace of mind permanent leak detection, with none of the disruptions associated with survey methods.


Precision time stamping

An integrated GPS receiver records a fixed position and continually sets the device time. This allows leaks to be precisely located, and other network events to be sequenced and traced.

Your choice of power source

With a range of power options, PIPEMINDER-T operates with mains, rechargeable batteries or solar power.

Deeper analysis and insight

All data is displayed in Syrinix's RADAR data hub, where individual correlations can be reviewed and the locations of leak noise investigated with Google Maps to validate the potential leak location.

False positive mitigation

Once a leak has been observed over a specified number of days, an alert will be sent and a report provided. This guards against false positives.

Operational support

Our specialist support team are on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout the active service life of your PIPEMINDER-T equipment. We also provide full on-site surveys and would always recommend Syrinix installation to ensure optimal performance.

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Durable and proven technology